Why take a TRIBE Course? Listen to what our students say…

  • “I want to learn more about God’s Word and grow in my Christian walk with our Savior Jesus Christ. When I saw your catalogue I knew I could afford your low prices.”
  • “I want to have a better understanding of God’s Word.”
  • “Because I believe it will give me a better understanding of the Bible. I want to use the knowledge that I get to witness to the unsaved.”
  • “To have a closer relationship with God. Also to learn how to carry the message to others.”
  • “Studying the Bible has helped me a lot in my personal life, along with my everyday life. And I enjoy it!”
  • “So I can work at my full time job as well as have a Bible Study course.”
  • “I want to help others and help in the church. I am unable to attend Bible School because of my family. TRIBE allows me to study when I am able.”
  • “We don’t have a church in our small community, but now I can really study the Bible at home.” – Ontario –
  • “I am a First Nation and I would like to study through a Native Christian organization. I want to learn about the Word of God for my personal walk. Also, these studies will help me to teach the Good News to my family and eventually lead others to Jesus.”
  • “I do some preaching in our church and I want to learn more about God’s Word. I want to gain more Bible knowledge to help me in my preaching and to learn some ministry skills.”
  • “I am not Native, but English is my second language and these courses make it easy for me to study the Bible and understand what I am studying.”
  • “I want to understand the Bible more. I want to learn from every book, chapter and verse so I can help my people more.” -Alberta